Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friends & the Word of God

It is so nice to sit and talk with old friends. Betty, Marsha & I have known each other over 30 years and have been thru a lot. We're all coming to God more as we get older and now we sit around and discuss God & the bible more than anything else. We try to figure out where God what's us to be and what we should be doing. We're always seeking and it's never ending but we really think we're on the right path. God has a purpose for everyone and we just need to keep trying to do the right thing.

I've always followed something my grandmother told me when I was very little (many moon's ago - haha) "Always due unto others what you want done unto you!" I've always tried to live by that though have not always been able to. We can only do the best we can and keep looking toward God for guidance.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Here & Now

Are you a worrier, racked with stress? Are you a planner, always planner for the future? Are you someone who always looks to the past wishing something has been different? If you are any of these, you cannot be enjoying the now. I was reading "Excuses BeGone" by Dr. Wayne Dyer last night and the section I was reading had to do with enjoying the here and now. I am a here and now type of person. I figure the future will take care of itself. The past I've learned thru time to leave it in the past. You can't change it so just let it go. I try to always enjoy what God has given us - the clouds, the fall leaves, even the rain we've been getting, people (I love to people watch), my health, and the list keeps going on and on. I thank him every day even before I found my church.

I have always tried to enjoy life. When I wake up in the morning, I use to always smile REALLY BIG and say it's going to be a great day. I would have a smile on my face most of the say and it seemed natural. Now I don't even have to do that and it's a great day. I spend as much time as I can with my grandkids who keep me smiling / laughing as they look at everything thru new eyes. It would be nice if everyone would start trying to do this. Life would be more enjoyable for you and you would also be spreading the feeling to others.

Try this. For one day, try looking at things like you are seeing it for the first time. Experience the feeling, the emotions, be awed by what your are feeling. This is staying in the here and now. Then try doing this several times each day. It will become a habit and you will enjoy life so much more.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Aging - It is OK.

We all have to age whether we like it or not. Some things that change are good and some not so good but we need to accept them all. Sometimes we need God's help and our friends / families support. Aging can be done with a flare and a good chuckle. (You must always remember to laugh. It's good for the soul!) I heared an ad today from Mt Hope church in Lansing, MI. It was a short story that went like this:

An elder couple was sitting together and she asked him to nibble on her ear like he did when they were going together. He got up and started to leave the room. She asked where he was going. He said "to get my teeth so I can nibble on your ear like I use to". haha I laughed so hard after hearing this because I could just picture it happening. Funny AND so sweet!

I think it's great that she still wanted him to nibble and that he still wanted to! Anyway, no matter how we age - gracefully or not so gracefully, remember God made us in his image so he (and others) will always love us! Just remember to laugh, love, and laugh some more. Don't worry about those "laugh lines". Your heart and soul will love you for it!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Time and Older Friends

Some people think they are too busy to spend time with their older friends. I have a friend that is approximately 82. She is the nicest lady and I met her through my church. I love spending time with her and listening to the things she tells me about her life, deceased husband and her kids ( 2 deceased). I spent the afternoon with her and was really only planning on spending a couple of hours with her because I thought I had other things that needed done. She had been telling me about her husband and how she had been pricing some of his suits to sell in their resale shop at our church. It was a very hard thing for her to do but she knew he would want her to do it and use the money from them for the church. She misses him so much and just needed to talk about him. I ended up spending over 4 hours with her mainly listening. She has so much to say and sharing about so many things that has happening in/during her life and I loved listening. A lot of the time we just need someone to share some of our thoughts / memories with. Please don't be too busy to do this as, someday, we will want to share our life's memories with someone and hope there will be someone there to listen.

Please remember what is really important! Friends and family.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Life Changes

Everybody knows that as you get older, you have physical changes and mental changes. My mental changes have all been for the good I believe. I have connected with enough people thru my friends, work and church that I now actually speak my mind so people actually want to hear what I say. Most of the time anyway. haha I am so grateful for these connections that God has sent my way. I have always heard it's never too late and I am living proof. Anyone who has felt / been withdrawn, a listener and not a talker, always on the sidelines, there is still hope! Just have confidence in yourself and in God. He created you so you know you are good so I keep pushing myself to find just what all I should be doing. Now I know there is nothing I've tried that I cannot do. So everyone should keep trying and there is an end in sight.